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    Adobe CC apps running s_____l_____o_____(wait for it)______w.


      Hey gang. I have an iMac running Mavericks OS.

      2010 model running Intel i7 quad core, 16GB RAM with 1TB HHD and 128GB SSD. When opening Ai or Muse, the apps are running freakishly slow. Example; when moving an object I have to wait for the object to catch up to my mouse...  I was running all my adobe apps off the SSD, then tried running them off the HD, no luck.


      I was having this poblem with my old laptop PC and decided to switch to a more powerful Mac. I'm not dogging PC's I use a PC with the same guts at work (and the same apps run smooth). Any body know of any reason these apps are so slow.


      Please Help, I'm desperate (said with extensive over exageration). Thanks