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    Adding a Customized Window to a Topic

      Can somebody help me.

      I am trying to add a customize window to a topic in RobohelpX5. The help file saids to right click on the topic, click on properties, and then click on the advance tab and select the window in the window field. There isn't a window field but instead a frame field. I cannot connect my customize window in this field. Any suggestions?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Vicky Lee and welcome to our community

          I know the Posting Guidelines make reference to waiting a few days and re-posting your question, but I'd rather see the "Bump" method used.

          At any rate, I do see you posted the same issue back on the first. Sorry nobody has replied.

          I also see you posted in the WebHelp forum category. Can we assume that WebHelp is your output? If so, there really isn't a way to do this. I believe this is limited to WinHelp output. The help probably wasn't clear on that.

          Cheers... Rick :)