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    Unable to generate the TOC 1st level headings when the book is broken into chapters


      TOC-new                                                                                                                                                      TOC-old




      I was working on an Indesign book which had a table of contents as shown in TOC-old. Now, I have broken the book into sections (as per my requirements) as shown in TOC-new.

      The 1st level headings Delivery, Installation, Operation etc.(as seen in TOC-old) are however defined in the master pages but do not appear in my TOC-new.


      I have checked all properties of TOC and paragraph properties of the old book and the new one as well. Everything seems to match, but the TOC-new does not generate the 1st level headings.


      I am using CS5.


      This file is very urgently required. Kindly provide a solution ASAP.