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    List of properties for various symbols

    mdharrington1 Level 1

      For a newbie Edge person, with no Jquery experience...it is hard to find a list of usable properties for sybols inside animate.


      For instance I am trying to control the timeline through vertical scrolling in an scroll action in the stage.


      I have seen tutorials where the author inputs things like

      var scrollPos = sym.$("Stage").scrollLeft()


      where does one find out that .scrollLeft is even an available property,without knowing it through experience?


      I am assuming there is a .scrollUp and .scrollDown, but how am I to know...


      I have looked at the API and all it says is scroll is a page level DOM....


      IS this just information gathered through experience and osmosis...or is there an actual list I can look at...


      or is there a debug line of code that I could see all available properties for the Stage symbol etc