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    Contents of blog posts appearing in Google

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      Hi everyone,


      I've noticed that the contents of a blog on my website are coming up in the Google search results. The blog is being used to publish testimonials that are given by customers. When someone goes to the website and they click on the testimonials link, they can see a page with all the testimonials on it. The url for this testimonials page is:




      The problem is that in the Google search results, if someone clicks on the link that comes up in the results, it goes to a different url, ie.




      The url listed above is different from the page seen on the live site, ie. www.mysite.com/testimonials


      When I say it's different, I mean it's formatted differently and only shows the one post on the blog (ie. the one clicked on from Google), whereas if someone goes to the testimonials page on the live site, they see a whole list of testimonials and the page is formatted differently.


      In the backend of the site within business catalyst, I tried to find the page called:




      ...but I can't find it in the site files.


      So I guess my question is, does business catalyst automatically create these one-page blog posts and if yes, where are they stored. Secondly, since the blog posts are coming up in the google search results, is there a way for the link to go directly to the testimonials page, ie. www.mysite.com/testimonials instead of the seemingly temporary url that business catalyst creates where there is only the one post on the page.


      Sorry if the above is at any way unclear but I'm struggling to understand all this.


      I really appreciate any help.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I take it you built this because your on a plan that does not have access to web apps?


          The blog feature is a blog and functions with posts, categories, tags etc. Other then the main blog layouts you wont find any other acess as these are part of the blog feature.


          You got blog post layouts, list layouts and the overal layout under the blog layouts folder inside Layouts or via the module templates in the admin.

          But yes to your question that is correctly.


          This is unfortunatly as a result of using the blog for another feature. If you are on a plan that has web apps though - Build your testimonials using this.

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            gwhPoster Level 1

            Thanks for the reply,


            Yes that's right - we're on a plan that does not include web apps.


            I understand now that the layout of the blog can't be changed but is it possible to change the colour of the font? The colour of the font used in the individual blog posts seems to have been set to black by default whereas it would be good to change this to a different colour and size. So is it possible to get access to the css file that controls these things or is this another limitation due to the fact that we don't have web apps?


            Also, I noticed that the individual blog posts (ie. not the ones on the testimonials page) are being contained by an outer element. This outer element is part of the overall layout of the site so I'm assuming that I would be able to change the colour of the outer element. You were saying that there are different layouts for the blog posts which I've seen but the blog layout that's been used must have been inserted into the overall layout of the site so can you tell me where this page would be so I can change the colour of the outer element?


            The page I'm referring to is the one that appears when I click the preview button in the blog.


            Thank you again for any further help.