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    "texts on html file" are not updated "when edited on server"

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      Hi All,



      What are the solutions, for having editable text/content on .html published files, so clients can edit through their server control panel



      Client wants to update the "text" by editing the .html files on a server.

      I published the website as static html so the text can be included in .html file, but edits made on server's control panel, doesnt appear in live website.

      I also noticed that the texts located in edgeActions.js are editable through server, i am not very interested to define all my text content as the dynamic

      code because then I must worry about empty .html files and SEO questions.

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          Here is what I ve found in regard to my own question...


          For a Client, to be able to change the text on server (Ex: phone numbers in a contact page), they should access and modify the text in the   edge.js or sometimes edgeaction.js page. Changing the text on .html page will create no result. I assume, this is because, the .html page is exported ONCE and only at the point of Publishing a project, to satisfy the SEO needs or whatever. Think of the text on .html page as a Sticker to fool the rest of the world, changing it will not change anything on webste and. Also if you change the text in .js, the change will not be relfected on .html file.

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            I think it is quite dangerous to let a client change anything in the js file as they could break the whole composition in the process. It would probably be better for you to write a script that would allow changes to be imported into Animate. One way would be to have a json file to hold some variable and then have then access that rather than the js files. The damage would be lesser if they broke the file.

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