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    Camera not recognized PLEASE HELP

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      We are wanting to use our Canon XA10 video camera with ADobe Premiere Elements 12 to capture LIVE STREAMING video however the device is not recognized.

      The current connections are as follows:


      Canon XA10 HDMI Out to Black Magic Intensity Extreme HDMI IN

      BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt (Out) to Imac Thunderbolt (In)


      Is there a correct setup or do we need different equipment and/or software? WE decided to try the trial version of Premiere Elements first before buying. AS it appears now it will not work for us.

      All we want to do is capture live streaming video, save it as a file and then later movie the files into IDVD to create a (middle of the road quality) DVD for viewing purposes. This doesnt need to be a Hollywood Production or BLueRay, just a simple DVD for Home viewing.


      Tried capturing in Adobe Premiere CS6 however the files are (RAW) and extremly huge and take up time rendering. There is no need to render here so we dont need an editing software but rather a capturing software to capture and save as normal files.


      Any help is greatly appreaciated!


      Brett (TTS)

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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE captures live streams from FireWire connections. This is essentially a raw video data stream capture and on average produces 13GB of data per hour recorded.


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