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    Hotspot help please


      I have created a resume in Indesign. I have applied buttons for my email address and websites. In the preview, the buttons do exactly as I want. When I convert the document to PDF, the buttons no longer work. I have ticked interactive on the export. Funnily, the hyperlinks work. Also, how do you delete the cutomised buttons you don't want? Can someone please help?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          File>Export>PDF (interactive)


          Not PDF (Print)



          And buttons in CVs and hyperlinks are a bad idea! They should have your email address from you sending the file. If they want to get in contact they know how to use email.


          Buttons and other interactive things have no guarantee of working in 3rd Party PDF viewers like, Mac Preview, Firefox PDF reader, Chrome PDF reader or other 3rd Party readers.


          Lose the fancy bits of the CV and let your Portfolio speak for you.