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    Is there a script to make the previously added marker end at the frame where a new marker is added?

    Oskar Must

      I'm working with video analysis.
      a SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dyes) program requires me to mark every action in a recorded clip, be it a recurring or single instance.


      I have a grouped and numbered template Excel file, where I add the actions taken by the person filmed into cells corresponding to a number, which I add as comment names.
      From Premiere I later export the Final Cut XML and do (endframe-startframe)/25 and from there SUMIF calculations, which in-turn go into the summary sheet.


      So I'm trying to be as efficient as possible, but the biggest waste of time in my workflow is dragging the marker lenghts.


      Is there any way to have this process automated?
      It would be of great help 


      I'm using the latest Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro