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    Troubleshooting Printing PDF A3 format


      Hello everybody!


      So, I'm having trouble printing a newly made catalog that I've exported from ID6, I've been troubleshooting this for hours and I'm running low on ideas, maybe you can help me.


      The problem is this: when I print the .pdf to an A4 booklet (using A3 paper) it refuses to print 3-4 pages in the middle of the catalog. The catalog is 44 pages total.


      Here's all I know:


      - It's always the same pages

      - It works (=it prints all pages) if I print it in black and white

      - It works if I only use A4 paper (both when I'm making it an A5 booklet and regular)

      - I can print one page to A4 but it's bland if I try the same with A3 paper.

      - We've never had this problem with our other catalogs

      - The pages I'm having trouble with has photos, where the frame goes outside of the margins (but some other pages has this as well but it prints those just fine)

      - I've tried clicking the "crop image data to frame" but it makes no difference


      I DON'T know if it's the printer or if it's some sort of setting that I've missed but it's driving me absolutely insane right now.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?