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    Which notebook to buy?


      I will be buying a macbook pro for my future editing as i will be traveling a lot. I use after effects, premiere pro, sometimes fcp 7 and occasionaly blender and cinema 4d. I will be watching a lot of movies and playing games occasionaly. I have a late 2009 imac with 4 gigs of ram, 3.06 ghz dual core processor, 500gb hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB. It is quite slow in rendering. I use full hd footage and put effects in my videos such as muzzle flashes or maybe a planet in the sky(that kind of stuff). What software requirements do you guys recommend for a faster editing and rendering? I am ok if it takes some time in rendering but ofcourse not ages. And also which macbook pro do you guys recommend (also from the previously manufactured mcbp)?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Get the fastest processors you can get

          Get all the memory you can put in it

          Get the biggest solid state internal drive available

          Get the fastest connection possible for external storage


          And it will still be slower than a desktop machine.  That's the price you pay for portability.

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            rishabhkumarrb Level 1

            That is true but i really need some recommendation for the MCBP

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              By the fastest MacBookPro R you can afford with the most memory and storage then get a good external thunderbolt drive adaptor for your source footage. Simple as that.

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                bogiesan Level 4

                Full HD? As in 1080 or just 720? With 4k and even 8k on the way (for no good reasons) even 1080 canot be called "full HD" any longer.


                "Faster editing and rendering" are not questions of software. You get faster by throwing raw power (and money) at the problem.


                You cannot get the power of a desktop computer in a portable. Most video and effects people who use their laptops as their primary working machines have them hooked up to docks and attach extra displays, tablets, drives and i/o boxes. Those who require their laptops to allow them to work on the road, completely self-contained, usually use sophisticated tools to perfect their workflows to deal with the limitations of the portables: proxies, lower frame rates, lower rez workspaces. You have not specified what your real world applications are or how you intend to pay for this investment but with Apple portable, you just pay for as much as you want or can afford.


                If you need to be self-contained, the 15" retina with all the extra options and possible upgrades: about US3,600 but be sure to budget for an extra battery or two and a very good case.

                If you are working with a dock, the maxed-out 13" )non-retina) MacBook will suffice, about US$2,200.


                Suggest you look very carefully at the used MacBook market since you really don't gain very much with the new hardware. You might find the older, very beautiful 17" MacBooks at very reasonable prices.

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                  rishabhkumarrb Level 1

                  I actually make youtube videos and use a canon 5d mark 3 camera so 1080. Thanks. And also i was looking into the mid 2012 15" macbook pro and then upgrade it to 16gb?

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                    rishabhkumarrb Level 1

                    And i am not really a professional.