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    ADE 3.0 stopped working, and ver. 1.7.2 shows no pictures.


      So here's y problem. I have an assignment that needs to be finished by next week. I was working on it using an eBook (After Effects Apprentice) and suddenly something happened and my computer crashed. Some memory issue, happens often. When the pc reboots I try to initiate ADE 3.0 but immediately the "stopped working" window appears and that's it...

      I tried installing ver. 1.7.2 and it worked fine, except for a very crucial thing; no pictures. You can imagine that a lesson book for a graphics program uses alot of images to explain.

      I have looked all across the web but cannot find an answer.


      The system is Windows 8.1 on a VERY capable computer.


      Please help me ASAP!