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    Backing up all plugins in Ae?

    brad.magnus Level 1

      I've got a hard drive going bad, and I'm on the verge of losing my system. I'm not able to make a system image, which would save me the hours and days of re-installing my software etc. Is there a way to save my time on installing all the plugins I have for Ae CC?


      Can you just copy the "Plugins" folder out of Program Files?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Some plug-ins from 3rd party suppliers require installers so the answer is not always.


          I'd just re-install everything unless you can get a good disk image. Sometimes it's best to just remove the hard drive that is going bad, install the new OS and then try and do a system restore from your old hard drive.

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            brad.magnus Level 1

            Thanks Rick. Yesterday I was making the hard choice of whether or not I should spend a ton of time trying to get an image (the windows 7 default thing wasn't working) or just start fresh. I unfortunately just started fresh... now to reinstall all the software and plugins. This is going to take some time unfortunately.


            Oh and also, I can't system restore, as I'm on a Raid 0 system... Thanks for that tip though. Hope it helps someone.

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