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    Javascript for dropdown list


      I am trying to add a javascript in my pdf form. The script would check if the options in the dropdown list were selected. If not selected, there would be a pop up notifying the user that there needs to be a selection made before saving.


      Can anyone please help me with this issue?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since there is (normally) always one item selected, can you give an example of the items in a dropdown and which ones would count as being selected? Also, be aware that you cannot prevent a file from being saved using JavaScript, the best you can do is display an alert before it is.

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            CTM1994 Level 1

            It would show "please choose an option" and when the user clicks on the drop down list, there would be 3 options that show up. these 3 options can be yes, no, not applicable. If one of those options are not selected then there would be a display alerting the user that nothing was selected from the dropdown list.


            Thank you.