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    Cannot record audio & video simultaneously

    troeser Level 1
      This may seem to be a bone-head question, but here goes:

      When I FIRST start a new Captivate project, and choose to begin my recording, after I select which application I wish to record from the drop-down list, and then click the 'fit to window' button, then click record, I get the animated countdown box showing the sign with a microphone graphic. This would lead one to believe that as they are recording their screens, the voice narration into the headset microphone is also being recorded; well, on my Captivate, no audio is captured.

      After the recording is complete and I stop the audio narration, Captivate compiles the slides and takes you to the editing screen. None of my slides, despite the voice narration, contain audio.

      It appears the only way I can add audio narration is to first lay down the recorded screen slides, then record the narration on "top of" each individual slide. Depending upon the situation and some general factors, this may NOT be the ideal choice. I realize that there are benefits to laying down the audio separately and on an individual slide basis, but I should not only have this one method - right?

      Has anyone else encountered this? Are you also only able to record audio after the motion slides have been generated? This is really frustrating when you think you have delivered a fine audio narration all the way through a recording only to discover no audio was recorded with the screens/slides.

      My headset and record settings are fine and I am at a loss. Other Captivate users here experience the same thing.

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          If I've understood you correctly, the "countdown" you are describing is just the visual signal to let you know when to begin the narration. It sounds like you are saying that you think the recording is over when it hits "zero", but in fact, when it hits "0", just begin speaking - and moving the mouse through the application to create the movie.

          All of that is assuming you have first connected and calibrated your microphone, and that the hardware is working correctly before you begin.

          I disagree with your comment that there is EVER a time when it might not be best to add audio narration after-the-fact, during the editing stage. It is just a personal observation, but I believe the "narration during recording" feature is the biggest mistake int he history of this great application. It just shouldn't be done - too much like patting your head and rubbing your stomach simultaneously - requires coordination skills that are waaaaay beyond those of the average bear. Create your movie complete with actions, then during editing, add the audio to the movie. It's quick, simple, and avoids problems with synchronization of hte audio and the background changes in the movie ... that's just my opinion, though ...