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    ACR 8.4 RC Problem

    sjprg Level 1

      ACR 8.4RC has a major problem with A7R 24-70 at ISO 800 and above. The image is sharp, but the image can best be discribed as mottled. It improves with all sharpening removed. For reference this does not occur with either IDC or C1. Lightroom 5.3 has the same problem but not near as bad and is still useable.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please attach a screenshot showing the issue, and your Detail settings.


          Also please provide an example raw file that you're seeing the issue with, using www.dropbox.com or similar.  This is so Adobe, and others, can verify the issue.  If you can provide a DNG with your settings saved to it that would be the easiest, but otherwise at least the raw file.

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            sjprg Level 1



            The effect shows up cleary at 200% and any adjustments only make thing worse.

            It appears to be noise, but why only in ACR 8.4? I'll setup another computer with 8.3 but I don't think that 8.3 supports the Sony A7R.

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              FYI, ACR 8.3 running in CS6 on Mac OSC 10.7.5 did open your file.



              Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.14.38 AM.png

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The A7R was first supported in LR 5.3 and ACR 8.3:



                At ISO 1250 there will be plenty of noise, so turn up the Sharpen Mask slider most of the way, using the Alt key to help show what value is needed to sharpen only the edges and not areas where the only texture is noise.


                The raw conversion in LR 5.3 and ACR 8.4 RC looks identical to me for the same default settings of no Sharpen Mask and no Luminance NR:



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                  01af Level 1

                  First of all—I think the noise at ISO 1250/32° is surprisingly low for a 36 MP camera.


                  Second, I don't see any difference in the behaviours of ACR 8.3 and ACR 8.4RC. There sure is a mottled look when over-sharpening the noise—that's to be expected and absolutely no different from what you'd get with other cameras' high-ISO pictures.


                  Third, to avoid the mottled look, simply choose the appropriate settings. For the picture provided above via dropbox, I'd suggest the following:



                  • Amount 20
                  • Radius 0.8
                  • Detail 40
                  • Masking 50


                  Noise Reduction

                  • Luminance 10
                  • Luminance Detail 75
                  • Color 15
                  • Color Detail 35
                  • Color Smoothness 40


                  These settings are supposed to mostly reduce the noise, not to eliminate it entirely (which I think would not look good). I'm not saying these were the best-possible settings ... but that's what I would use here. However I'd guess the picture would print just nicely even with no noise reduction at all.


                  And oh, by the way—you caught some magic light there! Did you take more pictures that day?

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                    sjprg Level 1

                    to 501AF: Thanks. You confirmined what I found by installing 8.3 on another computer.

                    8.3 seems to be able to do a marginally better noise reduction though.



                    • Amount 0
                    • Radius 0.7
                    • Detail 0
                    • Masking 0


                    Noise Reduction

                    • Luminance 30
                    • Luminance Detail 20
                    • Color 50
                    • Color Detail 20



                    The solution that finally worked for me was to take everything to 0 and then work up from there starting with Luminance.


                    These were first test images taken the morning the FE2470 arrived. The drizzle had just stopped. Cloud base was about 4000ft with tops about 6000-8000.


                    Looking the other direction.


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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If your Sharpening Amount is 0 then none of the other values apply and there is no pixel sharpening, and if you do use a non-zero sharpening amount then you'll want to adjust the Mask slider higher than 0 to apply the sharpening only to edges not the areas that are smooth and only contain noise.  The texture of the bark of the trees at the left will benefit from such sharpening, and sharpening edges is helpful if you will be exporting a resized-smaller version of the image.  The extra sharpening on the edges helps give the Export sharpening something to bite on.


                      I doubt Adobe has changed anything in the NR parameters for A7R files although the contrast or resolution of the monitor on the second computer may be slightly differently so perceived amount is not exactly the same.  Adobe doesn't typically change the parameters of a camera once it is released, which for the A7R was in ACR 8.3 and LR 5.3, otherwise all the photos from that camera that people have processed before will change due to the different parameters.


                      An exception to this is when there is an obvious error in something.  The Nikon D3100 profile has the wrong numbers in it and an Adobe engineer has confirmed this and said it'll be fixed in ACR 8.4 and LR 5.4, but that previous images with the bad profile may need to be reworked.


                      There is no obvious error in the A7R noise-reduction so I doubt anything has changed.