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    Blu-ray files showing Untranscoded Encore CS6

    LucidFilms Level 1

      I have been having issues when sometimes my projects exported from Adobe Premiere CC to Encore CS6 show up as untranscoded and Don't trancode.


      I recently completed 2 projects,  1st showed Don't Transcode and the 2nd showed untranscoded.  I used the exact same  blu-ray template that I had created:  (VBR, 1 Pass 1920x1080.  Hard code the bitrate to 15Mpbs)


      I even re-encoded the 2nd project but still showed up as untranscoded.  


      I wanted to find out what I am doing wrong so I just did another test on a smaller file and found out something interesting.


      From Adobe Premiere CC Export media using 2 methods.  Starting the encoding process right away and by queueing.


      when imported to Encore, the file that was not queued showed up as untranscoded and the file that was queued imported as Don't Transcode.


      Is this a bug or is my workflow incorrect?


      Has anyone else seen this before? 



      Adobe Premiere 7.1.0  (had to rollback due to RGB playback issues)


      Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.51.41 AM.jpg