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    Marvell Connections

    Dirttracker86 Level 1

      Hello Everyone, First, here is what I have.


      Asus x79 Pro board:

      2   6Gb Sata

      4   3Gb Sata

      2   6 Gb Marvell sata

      2   6Gb Esata


      4 WD Blacks 1TB

      1   256 SSD

      2   128 SSD

      1   120 SSD

      1   500 HDD

      1   300 HDD

      1   250 HDD


      GTX 760 G Card


      3820 CPU, but will have 3920K in 2 months


      32 Gig Ram



      Adobe CC suite

      Sony Vegas pro

      And their usual sidekicks


      Media is mostly HDV, XDcam, GoPro, Dslr


      Here is how I do my Workflow :


      (and I'm probably doing it all wrong but its how I learned to do it )

      All Data is on externals with backups.

      I import the media I want to work with, do my editing, send the finished product back out to external. Then clear media from worksystem so everything is clean and uncluttered when I go to next project. 90 % of projects are 5 to 15 minutes long when finished.


      Now the meat:

      What I want to do is:

      Raid0 the 4 WDs to the 4  3Gb satas(Media)

      256 SSD to Marvell 6Gb Sata (OS,Programs)

      128 SSD  6Gb Sata (Previews)

      128 SSD  6Gb Sata (Media Cache)


      The Unknown is:

      Will the OS and Software run ok on the Marvell Sata ? Or will there be a noticeable slow down or glitches ?


      OR, Am I on the way to the wonderful land of controller cards ? LOL


      Any help, changes or suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated !!!!