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    Text display issue after migrating from a laggy .ind file

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      Ok so i have a 78 page product catalogue to finish, i was on a deadline and the original file was laggy. i couldnt scroll with out the program slowing down to a stand still, every action was painfull. so i created a new document and imported the files, this worked perfectly however i have come across a weird formatting issue that i cannot resolve. to me it looks like its reverted the middle east version of formatting in indesign cc but i dont know how to rectify. I have chatted online to help who said the Indesign department was closed and i have been on hold over the space of 3 calls for over 1hour and 40 minutes....


      Here is a description with screens


      Ok so some product descriptions look like this "2 x blah blah" but now they display like this "x blah blah 2" and everytime i place a space between the 2 & x it moves the digit to the end of the line. Same applies with fullstops etc but instead of me putting a fullstop at the end like so "blah blah." it appears like so ".blah blah) and is placed at the beginning of that line.


      See images:

      Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 17.25.12.png

      Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 17.25.22.png


      Please i need help with this, if i have to hold on the phone any longer the person who pics it up will be having a really bad day...