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    Unable to Connect to Inspect


      I have installed the Adobe Inspect app on my iPhone, I have installed the extension for Google Chrome. Both the device and my laptop are connected to the same WiFi network. I cannot get the device and laptop to recognize each other. The name of the laptop is not in the "Connections" window on my iPhone, and through the extension in Chrome, it's just spinning and says "Waiting for a connection...". I have tried tapping the "+" on my iPhone and have added the IP address manually and get the message "Connection unseccessful, please try again."


      Please help.

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          saumishr Employee Moderator

          Please ensure the following:

          1. In you installed apps you have not mentioned Edge Inspect cc app which needs to be installed on your laptop. Is it installed?

          2. After you start the Edge Inspect application (e.g. from the Start Menu), make you are signed into it. You'll see an icon for it in the notfication area (near the clock); right-click on it and choose Sign In.

          3. Are you running any firewall? Could you please try disabling the same. This may be causing issue with device and Edge Inspect app communication.


          Let me know how it goes.

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            I'm having a similar issue,


            In response to your 3 questions,


            1. yes it's installed on my computer (mac) I've installed the Chrome Addon, It's installed on my phone, I'm on the same Wifi for both computer and phone

            2. yes I'm signed into Adobe Creative Cloud

            3. No firewall is running