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    Photoshopping Fur?


      I am relatively profficient with photoshop but this one has me stumped.


      How would I go about making a calico cat look like a pure white one realistically without losing the texture of the fur or the shadows in the eyes and nose?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I had to Google Calico Cat, and I'd say you have you have a job on your hands.  No problem with the ginger hair, but the black is another story.  Especially if it has been less than perfectly exposed for the black.  Do you have a picture you can show us?

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            shercait Level 1

            I have not yet taken the photo. As I am trying to figure out if it would be more practical to "rent" a white cat for an hour than to take the photos with my cat and photoshop her.

            This is for my advertising photography class. I chose to advertise bleach.

            My exposures will/should be near perfect when I do it.

            She looks like this though.

            I would only have to re-color her face, shoulders, and paws as I won't see the rest of her.


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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              No problem.  Show before and after images with the ginger hair turned pure white, which is doable.


              In case you are unsure...


              Hue/saturation layer > click on hand icon > touch down on ginger hair, and reduce saturation to zero.  Expand colour bar sliders to fully encompas ginger hair.  Move lightness slider to the right.   Invert layer mask, and paint back in with white where required.


              I'm working all day and about to leave, or I'd show an example.  Pleeeaaaase take a better picture of the cat.  The one above has been wrecked by flare shooting into the light.

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                shercait Level 1

                Yea, that was from my cell phone haha I just wanted to show you what she looks like. 

                I'll be doing the second shot (one I need to photoshop) tomorrow. So I'll start the editing and upload the before and after of what I have.
                Thanks a ton though for everything so far.

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                  Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I would find a white cat and save yourself a lot of grief.  That will be a lot of work and the results might be not that great.  Better to start off with what your really want.

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                    shercait Level 1

                    I'm starting to think the same.

                    Problem is I don't know how or where to acquire a white cat. haha

                    And I don't know how it would react to the circumstances I'll need for the photo. :/

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                      shercait Level 1

                      Ok.. so this is where I'm at so far.

                      Problem, like Trevor said, is in the blacks.




                      If I could even just diffuse the black somehow and make it a light gray without making it too obvious that it was altered, I would be satisfied.


                      I'm trying to get this sort of effect, except with a cat:


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                        shercait Level 1

                        Here is the original:



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                          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                          I really think you are wasting your time, and will never get a satisfactory result.  Especially considering you say this for a class project. And even more especially when you thrown in the word 'advertizing', which means the very best quality possible with careful lighting, careully considered, constructed, and lit backgrounds. 


                          The image in post #8 is also none to flash quality wise, and I am doubtful that the crop would be acceptable to an art director.  So all round, you are not looking at high marks so far.


                          I am sure you'll get some help if you tell us some more about the brief, but you are going to need another model.  Does it 'have' to be a cat?  When whoever it was that coined the phrase 'never work with children and animals', I think cats were right at the top of the list.

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                            shercait Level 1

                            Yea, I'm beginning to think the same. I have a back-up idea that I'll have to resort to.

                            The image in post 8 isn't the final image it was just a test image to see if I could make her white or not.

                            I haven't done the images for the assignment yet.


                            The assignment is:

                            "Create two images for a chosen product. The first to be used as a cut-out image of the product itself and the second an example of what the produt does. For example, if your product is Exedrin Migraine Pills, the first image would be of the product itself, well lit and ready to be dropped into an ad. The second image could be a rendition of a woman/man expressing headache symptoms. Do not use the migraine pills as I have used them as an example. Be creative and think outside of the box. You'll get extra credit for a more creative image."



                            So the idea I pitched to him was to advertise bleach. My first image would be the bleach and my second/third image/s would be of a little girl/boy stting on top of a dryer about to drop the cat into the washing machine with the bleach sitting behind her and the third image would be of the cat soaking wet peeking out from the washing machine now completely white. He loved that idea so I was going to give it my best shot. I also pitched a back-up set of images for the bleach subbing out the cat for tye-dye t-shirts.  He didn't like tht as much but said it would work and he would accept it as a back-up if the cat idea didn't work.