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    How can I import a UV map into PS 3D?


      Hello, I have a somewhat odd question.  I've worked with Photoshop 3D a bit, but have noticed it causes considerable lag.  I'm wondering if there is a way to "dumb down" the 3D capabilities of Photoshop to save on computer power, but still have access to my attached UV map and texture. 


      This is what I'm trying to do...


      I want to import a 3D object with a UV map attached so that when I click on the object, I can change the texture of the object within Photoshop.  My question is - can I someway import my UV map into a normal 2d Photoshop element so the texture will wrap around the object but I can change the texture at any time?  Or is there some sort of way to "flatten" the 3D object so I can still swap out textures but will not be able to rotate it any longer?  If I'm able to do something like that, I would think the computer resources would not be as taxed as I don't need to rotate it or view it in 3D space, just be able to have a texture that wraps around an object based on my UV map, and then be able to swap it out with other textures.


      Anyways, I've tried a few different things but I feel this is impossible.  I was thinking of maybe just using the warp tool, but this is very time consuming and cannot seem to get this to work with smart objects. 


      Any suggestions on figuring this out would be helpful.  Thanks.