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    Can you combine two animations?


      I created an Edge animate animation, but want to put it into another file I am working on. How can I do this?

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          There are certainly people a lot more knowledgeable about Edge than me - but what I did, and it worked, was publish, copy the published runtime and put it into the head -  copy the other edge_  files into the root, the div with the EDGE class, and then use that class definition in css , by overriding  with [style]

          e.g.: in the body:


          <div id="Stage" class="EDGE-55507062"></div>


          and in css:


          .EDGE-55507062[style] {





          Only other tips about this are ensure you also bring in edge_includes file; chuck out any extra images, symbols etc. that you're not using before publishing, correct the path in the runtime if you need to...

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            claycalv Level 1

            Actually, I figured out a way more straightforward way, which was to select all timeline transitions, copy them, and then go to my new animation, and go to Edit>Paste Special>Paste All, and it will include all your animation elements including their timed transitions. Not sure if it includes action events, but still, pretty great.