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    InDesign + Mavericks = Warp 0.01

    wkjeiwoi Level 1

      I just got done working on some visual designs for a client. 3-concepts, 2 pages each, 6-page document.


      InDesign is mindbendingly slow and I have no clue why. I'm on an 8-core Xeon mac pro with 16GB of RAM and cubic parsecs of hard drive space and I have not seen performance this slow since my first mac, a IIsi with 16mb of ram running quark express!


      I kid not...so slow as to actually be an impediment. I can't believe a program like this could squander resources so badly.


      multi-minute screen redraws, showing blank pages, so laggy I can't tell if my commands being obeyed or not.


      I guess this is half rant half question...the question is: anyone else getting this on comparable hardware?