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    Is anyone using the Illustrator CC host adapter on Mac?

    GoColts Level 1

      I'm not able to successfully use the Host Adapater for Illustrator CC on Mac OS.  It's working on Windows and on earlier versions of Illustrator.  I'm using Illustrator CC 17.1.0 and Mac OS 10.9.1. 


      Is anyone else successfully using the Illustrator CC host adapter plugin on Mac OS? If so, where did you get the host adapter plug-in from, and did you have to do any special "tricks" to install it? 


      I created a new Extension project in Extenion Builder (licensed copy of EB 2.1), selecting the options to use the Illustrator host adapter libraries.  My extension just has a button that calls the AIEventAdapter.pingPlugIn() function and a list box to show the results (i.e., "pingSucceeded" or "pingTimedOut").  I then used Extension Builder to Export the project as a ZXP and sign it (with a self-generated certificate).  I then installed the test Extension with Extension Manager on my Mac.  All of this completes without any errors, and the AIHostAdapater.aip is in the correct Illustrator Extensions folder.  But when I run the Extension the pingPlugIn() function always returns with the "pingTimedOut" event.  The same Extension correctly results in the "pingSucceeded" event on Illustrator CC on Windows or for earlier versions of Illustrator on both Windows and Mac OS.


      Is there a known problem with the Mac OS version of the Illustrator CC host adapter plug-in?  Or an updated version somewhere?