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    ViewStack, state and validation

    olegkon Level 1



      I have a popup where user enters information,

      currently implemented as TitleWindow with a ViewStack and several NavigationContent containers

      having Forms with a bunch of components.


      When user clicks submit, it does validation and saves entered data to the database.


      I could have implemented it as a bunch of submits, but they have more or less same components and data

      (and process for example Add and Enter of same form).


      So should I create Add and Enter state?

      And a state for each NavigationComponent?


      Also there is still some difference between input components on different NavigationContent containers.

      That's why what is validated on one, is not accurate on the other.

      How should I handle that ?



      Please advise.


      Any code samples on that?





      P.S. Using Flex 4.5.1