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    button script overrides external links!!!

      here's the scenario...
      i've got a dynamic textfield (with html enabled) so that it can contain links/email addresses etc...
      below the textfield i have a simple colour strip which becomes visible when you rollover the text and invisible on rollout.

      both these elements work fine separately but not in conjunction.
      the colour strip is just a shape/symbol called 'box1'.
      the textbox is in a movieclip of its own with the following script to show/hide box1:

      onRollOver = function () {
      _root.box1._visible = true;
      onRollOut = function () {
      _root.box1._visible = false;

      thing is, once i use that script it seems to override my dynamic links, so they dont work, even though the text is on top of the box.

      cant think of a way around it. if i put a button below the text to show/hide the strip it doesnt work cos the text is on top, and vice versa if i put a button on top, it doesnt allow to click on the dynamic links.

      stumped. please help?