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    1SSD and 2HDD setup


      Hi people, this is my first thread. Firstly, I ask you excuse me for my English.


      Now, I've a little question for you. I've read this: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972 but I need your help. Coming soon I will have:

      1- SSD (C:) Samsung 840 PRO 256GB MZ-7PD256BW

      2- HDD (D:) Western Digital 1TB WD1000DHTZ (Velociraptor 10000rpm)

      3- HDD (E:) Western Digital 1TB WD10EZEX (Caviar Blue 7200rpm)


      These are my planes:

      C: - Windows 8.1, Premiere Pro (install folder), Photoshop (install folder)

      D: - Everything about Premiere Pro and Photoshop (except for install folders)

      E: - Files (mp3, videos, photos, documents) and softwares (except for Premiere Pro and Photoshop)


      Is this a good choice or can I make a better setup with these disks (FYI RAM will be 16GB...I think it's important for pagefile)? Please, let me know.