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    Edge Inspect won't load localhost pages...

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      If I browse to a "real" web-page in Chrome on my Mac, Edge Inspect shows it just fine on my mobile device.  If I go to a local page ( for example) it does nothing.  The Chrome Browser on my Mac shows the page just fine, but Edge Inspect does absolutely nothing.


      So what's going on?  Why can it not see my local pages, but it can see any "real" web-page I go to?



      Laurence MacNeill

      Mableton, Georgia, USA

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          saumishr Employee Moderator

          Make sure that local server allows the page to be browsable on other machines. You may need to modify the configuration file (http configuration in case of Apache) so that outside computers can access your page.

          Also, look into the serevr error or access logs  and see if you see any messages related to those recent failed accesses.

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