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    unified shortcuts option for the "suite"?

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      It is rather noticeable that some of the more basic keyboard navigational tools are not at all unified between the Adobe video programs ... Prelude, Premiere Pro, Speedgrade, AfterEffects, and Audition particularly. What jumps to the next track in one might ... and probably will ... do something very different in the next program. For those who use primarily or only one of the programs, this is of course no biggie at all. However, for those of use who use most if not all of them, it does make working them a rather glitchy experience. Get flying away, go to jump forward ... and then have to hit undo to get rid of the mess you just made on account of using the 'cut' from another program.


      Aodbe already has used optionable alternate shortcut choices via menu items, and I'd love to see just one more option added ... a unified set of shortcuts across the above-mentioned programs. One could choose the old standard set, the FCP option Adobe has already provided, or the "unified" set that would set the basic shortcuts to the same thing over the affected programs.


      Jim Simon put it very nicely over on the PrPro forum:


      "While not every shortcut can be duplicated in every program, there are some very basic commands that should be consistent between programs.


      Navigation, for instance.  Every Adobe program that works with video should be using the Premiere Pro shortcuts for navigation - Next Edit, Previous Edit, Go to In, Go to Out, etc.  The mouse timeline scroll should behave in AE, Prelude, SG and PS as it does in PP.  Timeline zoom should have the same shortcuts in those programs as in PP.  Panel selection should be the same from program to program.


      These basic functions that do exist in each of the programs should all be using the same shortcuts.  It sure would go a long way towards the 'integration' Adobe wants to be known for.


      Moving to the next frame in the sequence is the right arrow in PP.  In AE the right arrow moves the clip's position within the frame, and the CTRL+ARROW advances the frame.  That should be reversed in AE so the same right arrow advances the frame and the CTRL modifier moves it's position.


      In PP, the \ key zooms out to see the entire sequence duration.  In AE it switches focus between panels, but should do the same as it does in PP, with the current PP shortcuts for panel highlight carried over to AE.


      In PP, the mouse wheel scrolls the timeline, in AE it does nothing.  That should be carried over.


      In PP, scrolling the mouse wheel while hovered over the Zoom bar changes the zoom level.  In AE it also does nothing and should be carried over.


      Basic things like that should be consistent in all Adobe programs that handle video."


      For myself, between Prelude, PrPro, AeFx, & Sg ... I'd love to have the option to have the shortcuts to move forward/backward by clip/s the same; to move up/down layer stacks the same; to copy & paste settings the same; muting/un-muting audio; jumping from panel to panel; zoom in/out. That's a start.


      Again ... these shouldn't be 'foisted' on someone who wants to keep their current shortcuts. But adding this as an option would make learning the suite less about memorizing competing shortcuts (and then routinely having to undo & redo with the right command for 'this' program) and more about just using the dang things. For us small one-man shops, and for all newer clients of the Suite, I'd think this would be a very helpful way to improve workflow.



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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          And I'm specifically posting here because  shooternz  didn't think I'd have the ... cahones? ... to post it here among the (I guess?) "real men" who work in AeFx who'd rise up in horror over changing their shortcuts. Which I've tried to explain would NOT involve changing anyone's shortcuts who likes or is used to the current ones.


          So ... would it be a good thing for those like unto myself, or somehow be a horrid thing if over time Adobe could create a new option for keyboard shortcuts to the users?



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you would like to see features added or changed, you should file a feature request.

            I could see having many of the keyboard shortcuts be made more similar between the programs in the suite being beneficial for new users. However, there are some things that may seem the same, but are different between them. One thing that I think should be changed is the spacebar in After Effects. It shouldn't have anything to do with playback since AE isn't an NLE.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              But it does play media, and the spacebar is a pretty universal shortcut for that function, even outside of Adobe products.

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                R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'd agree, Jim ... even Quicktime plays from the spacebar! 


                And actually, that's one of VERY few keyboard controls I know when I'm in AeFx ... and yes, I'm used to filing feature requests. They've um ... "seen" ... me around a time or two. Or maybe a bit more ...  hee hee.


                I've noted that there hasn't been any outcry over here. Gee ... shooter thought there would be. Personally, I don't think anyone "here" would care as long as their own apple-cart of shortcuts wasn't touched.