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    How can we use breeze in Powerpoint.

      Hi All Breeze developer
      I am new designer in this for forum, and I am using breeze for e learning purpose.
      I want to know that How Can we use breeze in MS Powerpoint.
      If there is any tutorial or artice related to this topic please send ir to me.


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          After you install Breeze, there is a Breeze menu within PowerPoint.

          Although I've never been a proponent for rapid development - as the content may not be instructionally sound, I am now a believer after using Breeze presenter.

          Our SME's develop the PowerPoints - adding speaker notes. We (in the Training Department) add our instructional design touch and create the audio from the speakers notes and possibly add quizzes to assess the knowledge transfer. Then we publish to our Breeze server (as we host our own), enroll users and then that's it.

          Periodically, we review the participation rates and the assessment results. It really is very easy... yes, I have an MIS degree and have worked at software companies, but we have 9 other content authors who are normal PowerPoint users - and they're publishing very easily as well.

          Is this what you were looking for?
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            chouto Level 1
            Thanks for this....

            regards :)