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    Flex 2 beta 3 compiler confused by syntactic error


      The Flex Builder 2 beta 3 compiler seems to get confused by a specific syntactic mistake I've made in my code.
      It is not making a "proper" syntax error report. It's instead throwing a nasty "An internal build error
      has occurred. Please check the Error Log" error, so I thought I should share that on the forum.

      The thing that lead to the "internal error" is that I wrote :

      var newCourseXMLDesc : XML =
      <CourseDescription nomDuPlat=_{courseNameTextBox.text.toString()} />;

      instead of that :

      var newCourseXMLDesc : XML =
      <CourseDescription nomDuPlat={_courseNameTextBox.text.toString()} />;

      Notice the position of the _ character just before the courseNameTextBox.

      I guess that should be fixed in a final version of the compiler.


      Nicolas Fonrose