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    Why generic import error with a WMV recording of GoToMeeting session to Elements 10?

    Bill the Toastmaster

      I recorded a meeting on GoToMeeting today and received a WMV file of 336MB which I need to edit a bit in Premiere Elements 10. I can play this file with Windows Media Player.  However, I get the error "importer reported a generic error" eventhough I'm on a desktop computer, using Win7.  I've read everything I could find online but not the answer to my question. 

      I tried encoding this file with Microsoft Expression and importing it, but got the error:  This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed. 

      Then I tried a free online converter, Zamzar, to convert the WMV to MOV, but got the error "unfortunately the conversion failed."

      So, does anyone know what I can do to get this file so I can edit it?  Apparently there are different versions of wmv files? And this version plays on Windows Media Player but is not importable to Elements 10?