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    DNGs converted from JPG not working in OS X Finder and Preview


      I'm converting some of my JPGs from film cameras and point and shoots to DNGs. I am doing this because

      • I want to preserve file integrity
      • I want to enable non-destructive editing independent of Adobe software (Apeture, for instance)


      The DNGs converted from my .NEF and .RAF files work in OS X Finder and preview, however the DNGs converted from my .jpg files do not work, showing 0 x 0 dimensions and no image in FInder and returning the following error when opened in Apple Preview:


      "The file “2010-03-05_08-54-00.dng” could not be opened. Preview currently does not support this raw file format."


      They do, however, open in Adobe programs such as Photoshop CS6 and LR4.


      I am using the Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks with the latest updates, converting JPGs through Adobe LR4 with Camera Raw 7.1 compatibility. AFAIK my OS X Digital Camera Raw Compatibility is 5.03 and up to date. Proprietary cameras RAWs from 2013 cameras can be previewed with Finder and Apple Preview.


      Is this an issue with OS X ImageCore, or is there something I'm missing?