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    Text field alignment (like MS Word)

    MatLac Level 3

      I'm trying to set my text field manually since acrobat only provides me with 3 choices for alignment "LEFT", "RIGHT" and "CENTER".  Is there a "JUSTIFY" property as my text field will be used for writing long texts just like I would do it with a writing software such as MS Word?


      Also, each lines from this textbox are numbered (on the background) and it is crazy hard to get to align these numbers with each line.  So my second question is, once you activate the "multiline" checkbox, is it possible to set the number of lines (or their height) in the field so it would perform some kind of "vertical Justify" and thus automatically ajusting to line numbers?  Suppose I need to change the number of lines from 40 to 47, I would just modify the code instead of having to mess with font size and type as well as having to redesign the background everytime to get it to match.


      I figure it could be something that uses the height property of the textbox.


      Finally, when the user reaches the end of the textbox, the typing still continues under the bottom of the box without warning him as he may not be looking at the screen while writing.  So, if I can set a maximum number of lines, he would be stoped, I could set an app.alert or even better, setFocus toward the next page so he would continu typing without noticing.


      I am aware that an acroform is not a writing software but there must be a way to get it better.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The type of control you're looking for isn't really avaialble with fields created with Acrobat. If you allow for rich text formatting, the user has the ability to set full justification and has some control over the line spacing. Jumping to the next field when the first is full can't really be done in a seamless way.


          A lot of what you want to do is more feasible with an XFA form created in LiveCycle Designer. The justification and leading can be preconfigured and you can set up dynamic fields that auto-expand as needed.