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    installing flash player help


      I have a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5344 laptop with windows 8 installed......I use Inter net explorer as my browser. I try to play some games on Facebook and other sites but when I go to install or play the game it will have a pop up that says I need to install Flash plug in.....Ok so i go to the Adobe help page click on the box that says check to see if it is installed on my laptop.......it says no need to install it is already installed......? I have followed the steps to try and fix this problem but i am at a dead end.......what do i need to do to fix this...........? It is really a pain ...................help please.

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          Mike M Level 6

          I have the same laptop (sorry I ever bought it, really), but... I DO NOT under any circumstances, use IE as my primary browser.

          1. It uses ActiveX controls (circe 1993), which have always, and always will cause more problems than they resolve.

          2. It's always been "the problem child" of browsers when it comes the HTML, CSS and Javascript standards, causing content and display problems with sites designed to meet today's standards.

          3. IE 11 (which you don't specify if you use) is the worst piece of garbage Redmond, WA ever released. MS rewrote IE's User-Agent Strings, which are what websites use to identify a browser. Some sites ID it as "Gecko" (Firefox), and others ID it as "Webkit" (Chrome or Safari). Since content for those User Agent Strings REQUIRE the matching browser engine, which IE doesn't have (it uses Trident), then the content won't display.


          MS recommends using Compatibility View, but you have to enable it for EVERY page that has problems. That's dumb and totally unnecessary, in my opinion. That's why I recommend cutting the umbilical cord from Microsoft and using ANYTHING other than their junk browser.

          Firefox (From Mozilla) which I use.


          Safari (From Apple) which is a great browser

          Chrome (From Google) which has its own Flash Player plug-in built in.


          The others use the Flash Player Plug-in (for all other browsers)

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            tj3son Level 1

            Thanks Mike....man like I said I have done everything according to adobe to fix the problem.....it doesn't. How and why would it say that it is built or comes with the system......? I will try the Firefox browser to see if that works........thanks for helping me out................

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              Mike M Level 6

              tj3son wrote:


              ...How and why would it say that it is built or comes with the system?

              Beginning with Windows 8, Microsoft was insistent that THEY get the raw code from Adobe and integrate Flash Player into IE themselves. IMHO, just another stupid decision from an out-of-touch company that thinks they know better what their customers want and need, than the customers themselves do. So, if you use IE, you're at the mercy of WIndows for Flash player updates and if it stops working, whether it's Flash Player that's broken, or the User-Agent Strings... there's nothing you can do short of reinstalling Windows and losing all your software and files. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! And they can't seem to figure out why Apple is outselling all PC manufacturers combined since 2011.

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                tj3son Level 1

                I installed Mozilla Firefox and the flash player works great......thanks for the help on this. Enjoy your day Mike