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    Creative Cloud App always fails to update Photoshop

    StrongBeaver Level 3

      I always have anxiety when upgrading PsCC. The creative cloud app notified me that a Ps update is availabe, as with everyone else.  While I'm in a standard windows account I click on update, half way though the update the Creative Cloud app informs me that Photoshop must be closed, it never was open before I began. I click retry.  After a minute the Creative Cloud update informs me once again to close photoshop, once again, it never was open.


      I switch over to a Windows Administrator account, do the exact same steps, the exact same errors happen. Except the download does happen but stops 52% of the way, then the error that Photoshop is open occurs.  I have thrown 3oo-4oo megs of my data plan into internet space and I still don't have photoshop updated.