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    Export Settings Invalid




      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0


      Really wierd, suddenly most of the export panel is not working. The presets don't even bother loading, it simply says 'Export Settings Invalid'


      As I cannot find any way of changing the export settings, this is extremely worrying. Why is this happening, what can I do to fix it and what can I do to fix it again? So far I have not had any issues. I am running it on Windows 7 with 32gb RAM and nVidia 600GTX so normally it works a dream.


      Would REALLY appreciate some help with this, as I am currently unable to export any movie files!





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you say "export", are you selecting options on the Publish & Share tab?

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            bartohum Level 1

            Yes, I was not aware there were other ways of exporting? The help online for 12.0 is very limited!



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Could you clarify your issue?


              Where are you in Publish+Share/assumed Computer/ and one of the choices of

              Adobe Flash Video





              Windows Media





              By any chance, have you hit the Advanced Button of one of the presets for one of the above and are getting this "Export Settings Invalid" message when you are making settings changes in the Export Settings customization dialog for that preset?


              If that is the case, could you post a screenshot showing the "Export Settings Invalid" message and the view of the Export Setting dialog when you get this message? If not possible but if we are on the right track, could you explain in words what you just did to get the message?





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                bartohum Level 1




                Adobe Flash Video - NOT WORKING

                MPEG - NOT WORKING

                AVCHD - NOT WORKING

                X-AVC-S - NOT WORKING

                AVI - WORKING

                Windows Media - NOT WORKING

                QuickTime -WORKING

                Image - WORKING

                Audio -WORKING


                If you would like to know anything else, please let me know as I really appreciate any help I can get with this! You guys are my heroes...


                All the best,




                ps. Going to bed now as it is very late in London! H

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                  bartohum Level 1

                  pps. I have tried reinstalling Quicktime, no luck there

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                    bartohum Level 1

                    ppps. Is it not REALLY strange that I am still able to edit everything just fine?

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thank you for the great defining of the Export Settings Invalid issue that you are having with Premiere Elements 12.


                      1. When you installed Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7 assumed 64 bit computer, did you use the default location for the program installation? Did you install the program from an installation disc or from purchased installation files downloaded from Adobe?


                      2. First thing that I would like you to find out

                      a. Do you have the export presets (.epr) files


                      b. Where these files are, if you do have them.


                      If you did the program install to default location, those export presets (.epr) would be expected to be found

                      Local Disk C

                      Program Files


                      Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0

                      Sharing Center



                      and in that PC Folder should be what we seek. What do you find in that PC Folder? And, are you finding it in the path that I just cited above?


                      If we find that you have the files and they are as indicated, then it is time for program deactivation, uninstall, ccleaner run through, and reinstall with antivirus and firewalls turned Off.


                      Let us start here and then let the details direct the troubleshooting of this usual issue.






                      Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins or codecs that might create conflicts in this situation?

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                        bartohum Level 1

                        Wow, the support on this forum is AMAZING! *Not to say the issue has been resolved though


                        So the file path you indicated was almost exactly right except that the .epr files were in 'Programs (x86)' not the normal 'Programs' folder (I think that is normal for 64-bit apps?):





                        Interestingly, however, there IS an Adobe Premiere folder in the normal 'Programs' folder, although it was almost completely empty:



                        Should I still deactivate, uninstall, ccclean and reinstall with antivirus and firewalls turned off?


                        About conflicting programs, it is true that I did have a sh**-storm of problems over the last two weeks with Quicktime VS Windows issues in Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve Lite. I never did really resolve the issue and instead resorted to exporting all my files in H.264 format as the MPEG codecs were giving me all sorts of grief. Don't know if that could be the cause of the problem though, as I have not been using it for the last week (grading all done now for this project) and the issues with Elements only started a few days ago.


                        And I'm the one who should be thanking you!





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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the reply. I think that we are gaining ground on this issue. Let us see.


                          When you installed Premiere Elements, did you let it install to the default location that it suggested. I suspect not.

                          Premiere Elements 12 installed on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit is a 64 bit application and as such those export presets should be found in the Program Files, not Program Files (x86) path.


                          If you confirm that your Windows 7 is 64 bit system and not 32 bit system, then.....


                          So, let us use the approach

                          a. Deactivate the program from within the opened project, Expert workspace Help Menu/Sign Out.

                          b. Then via Control Panel/Installed Programs, uninstall the program.

                          c. ccCleaner run through (regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts) to get rid of any leftovers from incomplete installs or uninstalls.

                          d. Reinstall the program with antivirus and firewalls turned Off. Let the program install to the default location on the Local Disk C.


                          We will be watching for the results.



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                            bartohum Level 1

                            Thanks ATR


                            Yes indeed, it is a 64-bit program and how exciting that you have a plan you are confident with!


                            Before I carry out your instructions, please may I ask what measurements I can take to protect my projects currently saved in the default Adobe folder? I really cannot afford to lose the one I am working on right now! Is it sufficient to make a back up of all the content into a seperately stored folder? Will that ensure that (provided all the assets remain in place) the project can be ressurected after the reinstall?



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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Hope the plan works for you.


                              Keep the thought throughout the plan, do not move, delete, or rename source media that went into any of your saved/closed projects (project.prel) files.


                              Please check out my blog post on the protection aspects of this type of plan



                              If you created a project and saved it and all its Scratch Disks to the default saved location, Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0, then there should be no problems after program reinstall. But, under the present circumstances, I am not sure what your default locations are.


                              When in doubt, backup if you can.


                              Hoping that this plan comes together.



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                                bartohum Level 1

                                Okay,  wish me luck, I'm going in... Will let you know how it works out by the end of the day!



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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  I am keeping positive thoughts.


                                  Looking forward to the results when you get the time.


                                  Any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to stop, and we can compare notes on what is happening.


                                  Extra Best Wishes



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                                    bartohum Level 1

                                    A.T. Romano... you are a GENIUS!


                                    The solve has totally worked and I am now able to export in any format as before. What was strange was that as I was reinstalling, I suddenly had a flashback and yes INDEED I HAD CHANGED THE FOLDER TO x86 because I thought I was being clever (doh!) and helping the installation along.


                                    Anywho, you are clearly the Sherlock Holmes of Adobe and I doff my cap sir.


                                    Thank you a million times over and I hope next time I have an issue you are there again to save my sorry ***!


                                    All the best,



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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      So very pleased with your success.


                                      Best wishes with your Premiere Elements projects moving forward.


                                      Your good news made my day.



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                                        bartohum Level 1

                                        Well your good advice made mine! OK, seriously though, no more bromance.


                                        Peace out