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    help with rotating navigation


      I have this flash page I am building: http://www.dharkangel.com/ChildrensChoice/homePage.html. I need to animate the circle buttons you see on the right. The buttons have to move only when the mouse hovers over it and they need to rotate in an arch, basically the path of the of the blue circle behind them.

      I was given an example to use the rotate method, which seems kind of confusing. Is this the best way to do this?

      Thanks for your help,

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          those circle buttons do appear to be arrange along the perimeter of a circle. and if they are to be animated to along that circles perimeter it would be easiest to attach them all to a movieclip who's registration point is that circle's center.

          then just apply a positive rotation to the movieclip when the mouse is above your swfs mid _y value and apply a negative rotation to the movieclip when your mouse is below that mid _y value. vary the speed of rotation depending upon how far the _ymouse property is from that mid _y value and your done animating your buttons.