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    Captivate 7 and Powerpoint


      I am brand new to Captivate and I'm using the trial version.  As a quick start, I decided to import a powerpoint 2010 file.  The file imported fine altho a little slow for me.  Then I previewed the file and noted the sole animation did not work well.  It is a simple "bounce" animation.  So, I tried, the "high fidelity" option to import.  The animation worked a little better but it was still goofy.  The bouncing ball was squashed into an oval shape.



      The web site indicated Captivate worked well with powerpoint supporting animations and triggers.  Is this truly the case?  Is there a list of what animations and triggers work?



      I read in the forum, that Captivate really doesn't work all that well with PowerPoint.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks for your help.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Personally I never would use that work flow, I would add the animation in Captivate, not in PPT. But mostly I start from scratch in Captivate which is a real elearning tool, not a presentation tool like PPT. Captivate is not in the first place a PPT-converter, it is a real authoring tool. There are a lot of PPT-plugins around to convert a PPT if that is your only goal.

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            baystater1 Level 1

            Well, it certainly helps me out to know, I am using a "real authoring tool". 


            My simple goal was to import a powerpoint into Captivate 7 and have it work correctly, a function Adobe clearly states is available in this "real authoring tool".


            Now I will try a different work flow.