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    Camera Raw 7.0.3 pixel crop vs. upgrade 8.0.3 ratio crop (pixel/inches crop removed)


      Greeting all,


      I just updated my Photoshop CS 6 camera RAW to 8.0.3 from 7.0.3.


      I can no longer have the ability to custom crop by pixel anymore. WTF


      Am I missing something?


      I have a job coming up where I need to edit/crop over 9000 event images for a client.


      300 x 240 @300dpi


      600 x 400@ 300dpi


      1800 x1100 @ 300dpi


      1920x1080 @150dpi


      1024x768 @96


      It used to be so easy, Whay did Adobe remove this simple feature.

      Now it's going to take 2x as long for this.



      To deal with this will I have to reinall CS6, I already have the standalone ACR 7.0.3.

      The cameras are older and older ACR support is fine.