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    can I use indesign without being online

    Texas lit Hawk

      can I use indesign without being online.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Can you expand on that? What are trying to do?

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            Texas lit Hawk Level 1

            I am doing a book of photography and do not always have the internet to

            work with,  I need a program that I can download and copy pictures to and

            be able to write on the same page. I have used windows 365 publisher in the

            past, but It will not let me do more than a bourt 75 pages before it goes

            into extreme slow down to the point that it will not allow me to upload

            more pictures.  I tried today to copy it to InDesign and it said my file

            was too big, if I cannot copy the existing book then Indesign will not work

            either. But in either case, I need to be able to work without being online

            all the time.


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Creative Cloud aplications are installed on and run from your computer. You must have an internet connection to activate, and CC will "phone home" periodically to verify that your subscription is valid, but otherwise no network connecton is required. If CC is unable to make a connection to verify subscription status you should still have 30 days grace period to work.


              As far as the file being too large, I'm not a Publisher user so I don't know haow it handles images, but the correct method in InDesign would be to Place the images which creates a link to the original of only a few bytes in the file, and it would not be unusual to have a document with hundreds of pages and hundreds of linked photos.