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    How do I create an interactive PDF file in InDesign CS6 with Folio Overlays?


      I have been trying to export an interactive PDF file using InDesign CS6. It exports fine, and all the content works except for the Folio Overlays I created. I created two Folio Overlays (one Pan & Zoom and one Scrollable Frame). The overlays work if I preview them from the Folio Overlays panel, but they do not work on the PDF document.


      I am using File >> Export... to create the PDF document, and I am sure the PDF document is of the interactive type and not the print type. Am I exporting it incorrectly? Is there a specific step that I have missed somewhere? Do I need to create a Folio Build to make the Folio Overlays work?


      When I mouse over the Folio Overlays, I get the crosshair cursor which only selects part of the image when I click and drag it.