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    Moving App Files Between Laptops


      I am getting a new laptop but I want to use CC on both for now. I don't want to download the apps all over again on new laptop due to bandwidth caps. Is it possible for me to just install Creative Cloud on new laptop and then copy app files from old laptop?


      Basically, I want some way to copy app files from old to new laptop so that I don't have to redownload everything.


      Thank you.

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi Ishan_sharma,


          Welcome to Adobe Forum,


          You can copy the installer from 1 machine to another and run it however the system you want to activate it should have Internet connection.


          Ii is recommemded to download Adobe Creative cloud and sign in to CC products and Adobe creative cloud to activate the subscription.


          You can't install CC without Internet access. Even if you can download the apps separately, you still need the application manager and it needs to connect to the servers to provide the licensing and activation.


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          Please let us know if it worked.





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            ishan_sharma Level 1

            Hi Rajshree,


            Thanks for the quick reply. I have internet connectivity on both machines. However, I don't want to download ~5 GB of apps all over again.


            So, what I want to do is:

            1. Install Creative Cloud App on new laptop.
            2. Specify the installation folder.
            3. Copy the app files (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) from application folder of old laptop to new one.

            I just want to know if this is possible.


            Thank you.