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    ACR 8.4RC DNG conversion can create files that crash Adobe DNG Codec 2.0


      If I use the ACR 8.4 DNG converter to convert a raw file from my newly acquired Fuji X-T1, and I use the default compatibility option of ACR 7.1, the resulting DNG file causes Windows Explorer to crash whenever I navigate to the folder that contains the file.


      I believe that this is happening because Adobe DNG Codec 2.0 is trying to create a thumbnail for the file, and it is not capable of dealing with DNG files that require the Camera Raw 7.1 demosaicing algorithm.


      If I convert the same raw files and ask for ACR 6 compatibility, I don't have any problem navigating to the resulting folder. However, the resulting DNG files are much larger. Moreover, I understand that those files have already been demoasiced, which means that any future improvements in demosaicing algorithms will be moot.


      My question, then, is whether the DNG Codec will be updated any time soon to handle files produced by the 8.4 DNG converter.