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    Adobe Presenter 9  Scorm 1.2 package does not close..Help!

    KirbyAustin Level 1

      Hello.  I am in the process of compiling some 90+ SWIF CBTS into SCORM 1.2 conformant LMS Lessons using Adobe Presenter 9.0 and MS Powerpoint 2010. All works like a charm when compiled in 2 different LMS systems up to the end..  The Lesson Window remains open and it needs to automatically close when the lesson is complete.  .  All the MS PPTX switches are off or not set.. (timing is off, on mouse click of not checked).


      Some research indicates that Adobe may have not included the proper calls based on SCORM 1.2/1.3 standards to close the window - so it remains open and the associate will not get credit for the  course completon.


      Any ideas on what needs to be done to add the proper code to the Manifest XML  (or other XML?)  ... and bear in mind.. this is a non-programmer..


      any help is appreciate!!!!