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    HELP IPhone 5 Video in Elements 10


      I recorded a video with my IPhone 5 and it is clear. The video has some moving cars, people walking and a few bike riders in it. When I transfer the videos to adobe Premiere 10 Elements it looks fine but when i go to render it it has tons of pre sets and i have tried a bunch of them. The cars are choppy when they pass and some of the people just riding a bike or walking are also choppy. It even hurts my eyes to watch it because it is so glitchy. I have no idea what i am doing obviously. Which preset should I choose when saving my video. It is for youtube. I just want a clear video. It doesn't have to be Brilliant High Def just something that looks clear smooth. Thanks  When i created the project in adobe i used the pre set of NTSC DSLR 1080P DSLR 1080P 30 not sure if this is right either.