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    I need help to sign in my youtube account to upload from the program not the website????


      So when i upload this new window opens up says i have to sign in authorize elements and photoshop and when i do press accept it gives me this???



      also it gives me this when I try to sign in when i press publish/ share,


      When I publish/share a youtube video it says authorize so i go and then complete authorization i do that too then gives me a error which says Your authentication could not be verified. Kindly Try again also It appears a windows which ask to accept like for letting premiere elements to connect with my youtube account which I press accept and gives me like a url error what do I do? also if you guys cant solve this is there a phone number for support Much appreciated and thanks!!! also its adobe premiere elements 12!!!


      its 64 bit windows 7 dell I can find the version


      Please Help thanks!!!!

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