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    Mac Keyboard Functions Don't Work


      I have just discovered that the Mac keyboard has a very useful feature: press and hold a key and all the options for that character show in a little pop-up window, i.e., accents, tilde's, etc. This works in all my other programs (Word, Excel, Pages, Mail, etc.), but not in Adobe's Illustrator or InDesign. I do a project every summer that has lots of foreign names and words, and I am constantly having to ferret out these unusual characters, so having them all available right on the keyboard would be a huge time saver for me, so I was devastated to learn that Adobe's programs don't support them (when I press and hold a keyboard key in InDesign, it just repeats the character over and over as long as I hold the key down, which is the way the keyboard worked several Apple systems ago). Is there a preference or something somewhere that I am missing?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While InDesign and Illustrator don't have access to the Apple feature to show special characters, you have an even better feature in InDesign and Illustrator—the Glyphs panel. It lets you view every character (glyph) in every font on your computer. You can insert a character by double clicking it. In InDesign, choose Type > Glyphs to open it up. Use the font menu at the bottom to switch fonts. Choose from the Show menu in the middle some collections of special characters for different purposes.

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            KarenD95835 Level 1

            Yes, I do use the glyph panel now, but that requires clicks to open it, and sometimes I have to scroll thru many pages of it to find the character I want, depending on what font I am using. It would be so much easier to just use the keyboard feature first and only open the glyph panel when the keyboard feature didn't have the character I want. Fewer clicks = more productivity ... I'm talking a 1,500+ page document here, I need all the productivity I can get ....

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you notice you can save glyphs (recents) and create Glyph Sets?


              The Apple feature will not be in InDesign. It's platform specific.