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    Dr Browns Image Processor Pro questions

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      Ok Im having a horrible time trying to do something I thought was relatively easy. I have a pdf which I need to convert to images and first I thought to use Acrobat and export there. But that gave me horrible quality even though I had the resoultion at its higest so my next way was to open the pdf in Photoshop selext all the images or pages resize and that gave me open windows of eah page now in Photoshop. So I created an action that resizes the ratio to where I need it and then automated the process.


      What I was shoked to see is that Photoshop converts the last page first so if you have 150 pages your 150th page wil become page one and the entire process will give you backwards page names.


      Total nightmare as I have to do this process to 10 pdfs


      I had the orignal Image processor but when I tried to use that It says that Photoshop cannot find any source files. So I now found the new image processor and before I start and cross my fingers I need to know the following.


      Will I be able to name the pages page1 page2 and have them correctly converted?


      Will I be able to do the processing from open windows as I cannot save the open windows to a folder as I have to do that manually 150 times.


      Any help getting me thru this?